Martial Arts

Martial arts is something with which I’ve always find interesting and fascinating.

These are the three martial arts to which I have had exposure so far:-


Karate Demonstration in Mauritius

Karate was my first martial arts when I was still in primary school. I practised it for only two to three years though, after which I stopped partially due to studies and partly because I found it too rigid and slow. But I agree it has its own strong points as a martial art.


Photo with one of the masters

Actually I know very little about Ninjutsu. I was exposed to it only through my brother who was, and still is, a practitioner of this martial art. The art of the Ninjas, it is a rather intriguing martial art which I would like to learn more about. I guess it is more popular nowadays thanks to the anime Naruto. But surprisingly, I heard that Ninjutsu is banned in Singapore, where I currently reside. I do not know whether this is true though.

My brother and I did our first website about ninjas a long time ago.

You can visit it here:


I really started out with Wushu in 2005. I began by learning by myself and from a friend with greater Wushu experience. Since then, I have had the chance to get a coach and I have participated in numerous Wushu performances.  Presently, I am still practising and learning Wushu, and striving for greater heights.

Wushu is more visually appealing and fluid than Karate I must say, and this is why it is my favourite martial art so far. But yes, I do question its use for self-defense, especially in its current form as Wushu Sport. Still it remains an excellent way to stay healthy and to build up character.

Wushu is a way of life… The Will to Excel and to Overcome… because Till the End, We Fight.

Wushu1 Wushu2

Wushu3 Wushu Intervarsity Competition Singapore

Here is the blog of my Wushu team, KEVII Wushu, which I am currently managing:

In 2007, we participated in the Inter-Varsity Wushu competition and was ranked 3rd. You can watch the video here:

I participated in the Singapore National Wushu Competition in August 2008, in the New International Long Fist (Chang quan) category, representing NUS with my team, KEVII Wushu.

We were ranked 4th in the Inter-Varsity Wushu competition 2008.  You can watch our performance here:

Here’s a trailer that I did for my Wushu team, KEVII Wushu, showcasing events and trainings in year 2008:-


5 thoughts on “Martial Arts

  1. Hey lynn!!!lol i need ur permission to draw ‘ta ptit personne faisant du wushu’ lol:P … im doing chinese martial art for my coursework haha top net!
    For that, it shouldnt be difficult to find … XD

    Thx Thx Thx…
    CYA A+
    U know who lol

  2. hey lol bez ca!tone vine mega popular toi…mo rode wushu, mo gagne ene ti foto lynnlynn lol:P top net:D

  3. wowww really awesome!!!
    want to do it to !!!!
    are you japanese or chinese??
    i think japanese.
    like what you’re doing ..

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