Dancing has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s my interest and my passion.

The Why

  • For a moment in time, the world disappears and you leave all things and worries behind.
  • Like the wind in the fields, you feel free, at ease and wild.
  • The sense of satisfaction and pleasure cannot be justly described in words.
  • Simply, you stay healthy, nicely in shape and flexible.

The Path

1994 – 2005: Ming Tek Dancing Group (Chinese Dance School)

I performed countless shows for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, New Year, Moon festival, etc. I also participated in two main “ballet-spectacles”, which I would translate in English as “narrative dance shows”: The Prodigal Son, when I was very young, and Hua MuLan later on.

At Ming Tek for the annual Xmas show For the annual big Chinese New Year show

Autumn Dance Hua Mulan Dance Show

Ming Tek’s FaceBook profile:

2005 – 2008: DansDemonz (KEVII Hall Dance Group)

King Edward VII (KEVII) Hall was my hall of residence during my undergraduate studies, and I danced with DansDemonz since my Year 1. In my 2nd year, I held the Dance Head position and thereafter I remained as a choreographer and dancer with the group.

Apart from a number of small performances, we normally have two main concerts every year: Internal Culture Night (ICN), a show where all the cultural groups of my hall showcase one or several items, and Dance Uncensored (DU), a university-wide halls dance concert.

DansDemonz’s blog:

Wushudance 3 Circle of Dreams

Evolution - Wushudance 3 Palace - Korean dance

Links to videos of some dances in which I danced

WushuDance 3: Evolution (bad video quality though): [Main choreographer: Ah Sen Hok Fen]

Korean Dance: [Choreographer: Ah Sen Hok Fen]

Shanghai Dance: [Choreographer: Ah Sen Hok Fen]

Wushu and Dance Combined performance: [Choreographers: Sharon Chu, Jeremy Ng]

Circle of Dreams: [Choreographer: Sharon Chu]

The Last Day: [Choreographer: Ye Dan]

Rabbit in the Moon: [Choreographer: Quah Yan Ling]

2007-2009: KEVII Float performance

Every year in August, there is a big event called Rag Day in NUS. All the halls of residences and faculties build a float and prepare a dance performance to go with it. It is usually a very stressful experience for those involved as the competition is fierce to win the Chancellor’s Shield.  It usually takes place outdoors on a field and in front of an estatic audience and a panel of judges.

In 2007, I was the choreographer for KEVII’s float dance, with some help from one of the more experienced senior from my hall.  Sadly, we did not win but I did learn a lot from this experience.

Dreams Discover our Passion, Witness our Spirit Float 09/10 - KEnovo

Float Dance 09/10: (I’m one of the pink fishes)

Float Dance 07/08: (I’m one of the ribbon dancers)

Float Dance 06/07: (I’m one of the blue waves)

April 2010: Guest performed with NUS Chinese Dance

I performed with the NUS Chinese Dance group during one of their dance concerts in two dances.  Link to one of the dance is here:

2009 – 2010: Rhythm-and-Moves Studio (RnM)

Based in Chinatown, RnM is led by Mr. Derek Seong.  It is a dance studio which practices different types of dances, creating a lot of fusion dances.  I trained (modern dance, chinese dance, Jazz, wushu) and dance with the RnM performing group for one year and participated in a number of performances with them.

Child in Paradise:

Rehearsal for a dance:

President’s Star Charity 2009:

Rehearsal for a performance:


My philosophy in choreographing a dance is that every dance needs to be created around a central theme.  It is even better if the dance can tell a story to the audience, however minimal the narrative may be.  But at the very least, movements, emotions and the general feeling of the dance should revolve around a concept, which attempts to convey a message.  The message can be of any kind, personal, persuasive, informative, etc.  Otherwise, the dance will be purely a showcase of techniques and skills with random moves.  Technical dances are good, especially if the dancers are of high calibre, and can provide a good feast for the eyes and wow the audience to a great degree.  But I believe it is difficult to infuse feelings into such dances and guide the development of the dance properly.  There are exceptions, and it may of course be possible for the stronger dancers but when a choreographer is working with the normal population of dancers, I believe it is better if there is a story to tell.

This is only my personal opinion, and I am aware that I have a lot yet to learn with regards to dance choreography.  Here are some of my dance pieces:-



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