Year end 2008 – Welcome 2009

And yet another year that comes to an end.  2008 I must say was a very eventful year, full of surprises, opportunities, good and bad things.  On top of my head, the events that jump out to me when I think back to 2008 are in random order the gambit internship in Boston, IVP 2008, national wushu championships, pre-national comp trainings, the 2 wushu camps, traumatising job interview, my birthday party organised by Jer… hmm… Ok I may be a bit biased because obviously, due to recency memory events closer to the year end are clearer in my mind that those at the beginning of the year. But anyway, 2008 made an impact on me but I’m expecting 2009 to make an even bigger one.  Definitely, there’s gonna be lots of changes in the year ahead…whether I want it or not.  With the uni graduation, finding a job, moving out n finding a new apartment, there are bound to be some ups and downs. Haiz…but well…Till the end, We fight rite? 😛


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