Interesting internship/academic websites that I’ve stumbled across:-

(Internship at the White House under President Bush. How cool. Most probably have to be a US citizen though…and a supporter of Bush also haha)

(Undergraduate/postgrad studies on a ship while touring the world. Also so cool. Like in films. But wow the prg fees are damn expensive…well, as expected.)

My first day of internship: woke up at 6.30am and hurried to reach there at 9am. Wait till 2pm. Haha it was ok cuz we went walking ard, eating mcdo n visiting game arcades. I’m not gonna blog a lot about my work here cuz I just read about people being fired and getting into a lot of trouble after blogging about their work. Better not to wander into dangerous waters.

Check out the article for yourself at the link above. I bet I’m not one of the lucky few who become famous bcuz they got fired after work blogging.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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