So strange. Even after this super tiring day of ultra back-breaking packing, I still can’t find sleep at 5 in the morning. I guess..it’s because there’re quite a lot of things on my mind right now. And besides feeling lonely and miserable, I keep wondering at a lot of things.

haiz…actually I started writing this post with the intention of laying out the source of all my tormented thoughts here. But suddenly rite now…I no longer feel like writing it down. I guess…well I dunno.

Argh so pointless writing. I shall stop here.

Just…I’ll just state out my strongest wish right now…. that everything returns to how it was only some days ago… I’ll be patient. I’ll try. I’m trying. Hard. To swallow the pain I feel..here..every time you do it to me. If ever I did anything wrong, pls pls oh pls forgive me. Whatever I did, I never meant any wrong… I promise. Maybe..it’s just that sometimes I can be plain stupid..act plain stupid.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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