Glad to be Myself again

The (academic) year is almost over already. So much have happened in this last year… yet its like almost nothing have happened also. Something inside me certainly changed. I have a new perspective of things now. But somehow things have remained the same. I remained the same, or so I would like to believe. Looking back, I guess I can say that I tried my best in most things… maybe I could have done better in some personal things. But on the overall…i guess it was ok. Though..I’m still searching for a fixed purpose, a fixed direction as to where to go in life. But I’m not really caring too much about that rite now. Just taking things along as they come. I guess, I hope opportunities will open up by themselves. There’s this strange feeling to think that, if I’m not doing honours year, next year will be my last year in university already. I can’t believe uni years can end so fast. It feels like it has barely started. Though, my secondary skul life feels so far away now. I guess…i never really liked sec skul after all. Yes there were some good times with some of my frens. But i always fout i never really fitted in. Now doesn’t really matter. Doesn’t really matter if my frens, or all the ppl ard me want me or allow me to fit in or not. Cuz now I have jeremy. N it’s all that matters rite? Even apart from that, I think i’ve met some quite interesting ppl here in uni.
Fortunately now the killer week is over. Most of my projects are done and my 2 exams are only in 2 weeks. So I’m having 1 or 2 days of super slacking before starting real revision. Watching anime. 🙂 Ichigo… haiz surprising how anime can set u dreaming. Even tho u knw that they’re things that will never happen to u in real life.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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