At last decided to update this blog… Reason is rite now I’m so bored. Got so much work, but so very bored. Funny how one can be stressed and bored at the same time.
Anyway, the next big thing on my agenda rite now is Dance Uncensored of course. It’s this coming Sunday 25h at UCC Hall, 7.30pm. Tix can be collected at the entrance as from 7.30pm for those who didn’t prebook. Most ppl in hall are looking forward to KE Dinner n Dance this Friday at Laguna country club. Well…I wanted to go too…but the price is exp! Well..ok…exp relative to my pocket size. I agree it’s cheaper than last yr and cheaper than the normal price if say u would go there to eat by yourself, plus u have frens this time to go wif u. But still, I guess I don’t particularly like those types of outings. Have to spend so much time n pain to dress up and look nice… Ppl wld usually go and find or buy new formal dresses to put. Well it wldn’t hav been much of a prob for me cuz I already have formal dresses which I hav never put so far in my cupboard. But I guess after all..I do kind of prefer outings which are somehow more rough in nature. Outdoor adventurous outings? I guess the adventurous streak in me still hasn’t died down. Even though now I also do know how to deeply appreciate the tranquility of my room. Sitting round a table wif food and looking nice is just not that much of my thing I guess.
Anyway, the main reason not to go DnD is really the price. I want to save up money for the hols. Not that I have many big plans but I’ve been spending quite a lot this sem, esp on soft drinks haha I just realised that. And I’m still intent on saving my own money for future plans…

Oh well…this week is the last week of dance practices… Relief? Well I dunno. Yes. A bit. The mere thought of not having practices everyday next week makes me less tired haha. But still, I guess I will experience serious withdrawal symptoms after so much time being so busy wif dance. Plus I have come to enjoy dance as a way to relax frm serious work. At least will still have wushu tho…

Urghs…alley. Enuf of writing things that most prolly ppl won’t even read on this blog. Time to go work. Hop hop hop.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…: I truly believe.


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