International Student Nite 2007 – Kaleidoscope

Even though I’m dead tired, I fout I’d just drop a few lines about ISN here tonite as Jeremy and YY have already posted it so fast.

Well today was a loonngg day. Had lecture at 10am, followed by a 2hr tutorial, which was super boring. After that I rushed to UCC, where I came in time to do the super fast dry-run, in which they kept ushering us to clear the stage faster. Then rushed back (literally ran all the way from UCC to central lib, and to AS6, arts fac) for my lecture from 4pm to 6pm. Had to go bcuz had to submit a graded CA and the topic was game theory, which is a tad complicated. After class, had a 15 mins project meeting, and then I rushed back again to UCC. Haha I didnt miss the full run cuz they cancelled out our full rehearsal due to lack of time (yea bad organisation). And bcuz we had no full run, this caused the technicians to start the music at the wrong moment for the real show.

Anyway, we performed nicely I would say. I could feel that the show was vibrant and that emotions were running high. 🙂 Guess shld say thanks to the audience present also. Oh and btw, thanks to my 2 friends Mike and Qian Hao for coming to see the performance at this late 8pm hour. 🙂

On the way back, we met XQRJ ppl who also just finished their rehearsals at UCC. On the topic of XQRJ, I would agree to a certain extent to what Jeremy said, that ppl with skills in cultural activities should be asked to commit to those, as cultural activities do face serious lack of highly skilled ppl for performances. But I should make it clear immediately that I don’t in any way blame XQRJ or hall play or Clnd or anything. The activities are fine. They make the hall alive. I agree to that. But I would say that the hall should find a better way to repartition its active ppl so that all hall activities benefit equally. Yes, there is no doubt about that.

Well, anywayyy my poor body getting too sleepy to type more for now. Thanks to my dear dancers and wushu ppl for performing in ISN. I am grateful. DansDemonz is grateful. KE7 Wushu is grateful.

Time for bed…

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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