Saturday 20th

Confusion… A word I’m very familiar with those days. The ISN rehearsal at YIH didn’t go so badly after all. We managed to get most people to come. But then, the organiser said that we have to come at 1pm on the 26th, which is a Friday… Dear all, I am so sorry that I couldn’t push the time further back. Yes, I can understand that all of u don’t want to miss your classes. I have ‘Game design’ from 4pm to 6pm, and I really don’t want to miss it also not only bcuz I love the class but bcuz I have to submit graded CA during the lecture also. So believe me, I am really sorry that I had to thrust that upon you.

Now for Fest la vie also I will be same story. They want us to perform at 2.15pm on a Monday. I really don’t want to ask them to skip classes again cuz I’ll get that guilty feeling again… But then, the organisers really want us to perform. Dilemma.

Anyway…enough of morose writing. After the rehearsal today, we went to Vivocity to eat and hang around. Me, Jeremy, Dear Eunice, Sharon, Wei Jye (who kindly drove us there), Hui zhi, Song en, Han Wei and Angele. So ya we were a good bunch of 9 ppl. Ate Carl’s Jr. First time I taste this fast food. Quite nice really. Quite affordable for the food portion. Then we stroll around Vivocity for like 3hrs. Last stop, we went to E-zone, and played some games. Very fun! So ya we stayed at vivocity from ard 7pm to 11pm! haha. Tired but I enjoyed it. 🙂

Tmrw, free day! Yay.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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