Inner Reflections -> Not to be read as you wouldn’t probably understand anything

There they come again…Big dreams, big ambitions, big visions…. Again, tonight we had one of those dash of enthusiasm to create a mega-project for dance and wushu. But this time, we really were excited about it. We talked and talked and talked about all the little details, and I felt the urge to on the spot dash to go and write the proposal. It’s a plan even bigger than the external performance we were initially speculating about. But soon, after the details really sank into us, our excitement died down. Sure, as always again, I still want to do it with all my heart, but the great workload and responsibility of it all weight down on my consciousness again. What shall I do? …Am I ready for this? Really ready? Why can’t I decide?

…Why can’t I be satisfied with being a simple university student who just wants to get out with a bachelor degree so as to find a simple work later on? Things would have been so simple. But no, you always have to have those urges to do ‘great’ things, which most of the time stay as simple illusions… I should learn to focus on few sure achievable things only…My degree and Jeremy. But the urge inside…the urge.. Darn. Forget about it and get on with a simple life! Life complicates itself. You don’t have to make it even more complicated.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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