Hall spirit

It’s been long since I’ve put a decent post here. At this rate, I guess my blog might as well die. But then, I don’t really mind in fact. Many ppl out there blog about their day-to-day life, what they did yesterday, today, and I say congrats to them for having the patience and willingness to write all those details. I really do not have this motivation. I guess for ppl whose life is buzzing with excitement every single day and who have a lot of interesting things happening to them, it should be something fun for them to do. Let the whole world know how their life is interesting. Again, I have nothing against these ppl. On the contrary, it is a sure way for them to stay connected with their friends I guess. But I’m pretty certain that if I start doing that also, my blog will become boring, which it alrdy is no doubt, (not that I mind too much about that also), so I’ll post only when there are important things that are worthy of mention.

That being said, let’s get to the topic of this post: hall spirit. There have been quite a number of ppl who have posted about hall spirit on their blogs lately. I guess this subject of discussion surfaces again and again every year during IHG. Bcuz indeed every year, KE receives quite a lame number of hall supporters at their IHG matches. I also wrote a whole article about that last year in the hall’s publication. But yesterday during KE’s sepak matches, I realized something. Could it be that the number of supporters present for a team doesn’t matter to the team winning or losing the match? It could well be I thought at one point. The reason is that from what I saw, apart from Sheares becuz they were playing home, the other teams against which KE played did not have that many more supported than KE. Look at Temasek. I can guarantee that we had more non-player supporters than them. But they still win their matches. So the real key to winning lies elsewhere I fink. One shouldn’t always blame the lack of supporters for their failure to win. To win a match, the most important thing I fink a team needs is internal motivation of each player and confidence.

I agree that if supporters are present at a match, they will perhaps increase the excitement of the players and make them want to win more. But why is that? Yes, ppl always say it’s bcuz the players then know that the supporters (their friends, or hall ppl presumably) believe in them and trust that they can win, simply bcuz they came down to see the match. I totally agree also. I wouldnt want to play a match with no one watching bcuz they you get the feeling that no one cares. But then, what I am saying is that we shouldn’t rely too much on supporters. We should look at it in another way. We are playing so that when we win, we can show those ppl not present that we are capable of winning. Maybe for some of you, I’m talking nonsense here. But if you think pause and think about it long enough, you’ll see that it makes a lot of sense. That’s the attitude I adopt in my studies, and that’s the only kind of attitude which will be able to save KE I believe, since yes indeed the few no. of supporters problem won’t be solved anytime in the near future.

Now why does KE not have a true hall spirit? To this question, I really do not have a definite answer. What I think is that it has got to do with something that started long ago, in the early years of the hall, and which is perpetuating through a vicious cycle with each new batch of freshmen year after year. KE will need one damn daring and motivated genius to break this chain. Someone who is willing to sacrifice a big part of his/her studies for hall. And why does he/she need to be a genius? Because obviously he/she will have to figure a way to pull other keviians with him, as clearly alone he/she won’t be able to achieve anything. At this point, we do have a few dedicated ppl in hall, but again alone they cannot break the cycle. And it remains to be seen how much they are ready to sacrifice their studies, their tertiary life, to find the way to do it. I truly understand them if they don’t want to sacrifice much for the hall. Not so long ago, I was one of them also. I thought like one of them. I wanted to change the hall, revolutionize KE’s way of thinking and bring pride to the hall. But then, I realized the price of doing it all is too much for me. I don’t want to spoil my health and my studies for it. So I really think it’s ok for the other hall leaders if they do not want to take up the herculean task of breaking the chain also. Maybe one day someone will be willing to. And I really wish he/she will then be greatly rewarded for doing so.

Until then, I guess KE will remain the same as ever. A place which we call home sometimes, where we got some friends, but some only, who we are very fond of, where we spent many happy and sad moments, but not moments attached specifically to the hall, only to the ppl with whom we spent the moments. I am not afraid to say it. I know it is the same for everybody, even if some keviians will argue that it is not true. But then again, maybe it is not true. For a selected few. We do have some alumni who seem super dedicated to hall. (Fen, Oh Zongbo amongst others. Btw I was surprised to see that Oh Zongbo came to support the IHG matches). I am truly thankful for that. But is it really hall spirit that keep them coming? Could there be other reasons for them being so dedicated? Maybe there are. I have my own ideas on them. But I shall not speculate on them here. Cuz just maybe, there are. I cannot say for sure.

Well, this post looks more like an essay than a blog entry. I shall end here and leave whoever is reading this to ponder on those thoughts.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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