There are 2 places where one can play paintball in Singapore. Well..the only 2 that I managed to find about.
1. The Tag Paintball at Orchid Country Club
2. Crossfire Paintball at Sg Discovery Centre

1. is super exp and requires the team to buy at least 1000 paintballs. 2. is pretty affordable. Well..affordable for a paintball game that is, as paintball games are exp everywhere ard the world I think. Here are the pricing details for 2.

A game costs $300 for 10 players. Additional players are at $35 each. Minimum 8 players to start the game and maximum 15 players per game slot (2hrs). Additional 20 paintballs(1 magazine) are available at $10 per person or 40 paintballs(2 magazines) at $15 per person. Booking will only be confirmed upon payment of deposit of $100. You can either book online or by telephone to 6792 6188.

If you want to know more details about the crossfire paintball, visit the faqs on its website at

The length of one game is approx. 2hrs, as said on the website.
Up till now, we have 3 ppl. Need 7 more. Tag on the blog or let me know personally if you wanna come play wif us!!

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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