Exams results are out! Well…were out.

I got my exams results alrdy!! The day before yesterday. Haha so early. Like not even 2 wks after finishing my last exams. Well in fact it was through a loophole in the system. By accessing the 02-03 undergraduates portal, we could actually log in the system and check out results, which obviously have been uploaded alrdy. But I think they discovered the bug quickly cuz now it’s no longer working. But 1 day enuf. So many ppl hav checked their results alrdy.

Well…my results quite ok. Except for one stupid lecturer who was biased in grading project and everyone knows it. So all of her tutorial groups were disadvantaged compared to the groups with other TAs. N she gave almost all of us almost 50/100 leh! for project. Now how bad can our project be to be worth only half score. I tell u, she was biased. N this prj grade dragged down terribly my overall grade cuz even if I aced the final exam, there was alrdy no chance in me getting an A.

So indeed, all of my other modules are ok, except for that one modules. N u can see the difference. I’m going to start a petition to ask for regrading of projects. No kidding. I’m sure a lot of other ppl will also agree. But I dunno whether I can start it now or must wait for ‘official’ exam results to b out, cuz I obtained my results via an ‘illegal’ channel. Anyway I wonder y they make us wait so long till Xmas to release the results if the results have alrdy been uploaded. That’s like so stupid. Waiting justttt for xmas.

Oh well. Anyhow I’ll keep enjoying my hols.. 🙂 Waking up at 3pm..

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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