Omg I have to play games! …Seriously.

Who wants to go play Paint ball??? I wanna go playyy.

Well anyway the subject of this post is not paintball, so let’s pass. The subject of this post is games. An announcement that will leave those who know me really well all surprised: I’m going to play games!!!
Yea…no joke. This hol I’m starting my training in game playing. N u want to knw y? Bcuz thanks to my bro, I’ve finally found wat job I wanna do later on. 😛 hehe….game designer!! Yea rite. Me = game designer. Well…a big NO u’ll say at first. Yea I can’t believe it myself. But it looks like wat suits me. It doesn’t require game development knowledge. Basically, the job is to create concepts of games. Well, I’ve done sum research n it looks like it requires a bit…ok a lot more than this. So..while I am still confused as to whether this is the job for me, I can at least start by playing games. ‘Cuz of course…any job in the game industry will require that u at least play games haha. Actually I wldn’t mind the cartoon, animation or film industry also. But in Sg, it seems that the games industry is the one booming now. So I’ll go for it.
Damn…where shld I start?… Warcraft dota? No no no. I’m too damn stupid and unskilled to play this for now. Some easier one… Hmm or maybe I just continue with Heroes and Neverwinter nights. Those are nice games 🙂
Me…game designer…Well..we shall see.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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