HOLIDAYS holidays holidays holidays holidaysssss I won’t stop saying it!! Omg I can’t believe it. Exams are OVERRRR. Wahahaha I’ve been waiting for this time for so loooonngg. Woohoo I can even do a joy dance now!!! This is great. No more back n neck pains, no more studying wen ur damn bored, no more sleeping early to wake up early to revise, no more pouring over lecture notes, no more planning for the next day, no more sitting for hours on end, no more no more!!!
Wahaaa now music to the blast, napping wen I want to, surfing for hours on end on youtube, taking sum care of my blog, playing guitar, watch animeeee n films, go out to all over Sg n most importantly, smileeee wen I want to n never have to fink of wat I’ll have to do the next minute!!! Soooo gooodddd…. Phew…that was good =D Wahaaaa Happy Holidayss everyone!

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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