Jiayou till Friday

Just had my 3rd paper today. Yea yea I can hear those of u who finished exams alrdy or who hav only 1 paper left snicker. ‘-_- Studying while u knw everyone else in hols won’t b fun at all. But oh well, at least I’ve had had ample time in between my papers to study. Well ‘ample’ time. The 2201 paper today was not that bad. On the bus to the exam venue, I was getting quite worried n even had to remind myself to breathe at one pt. Seriously. But worry for nothing. The paper was damn long, but not that difficult. For the compulsory qs I wrote 6 full pages!! Waaa my thumb hurts till now. But I guess I have nothing to complain of. I’m getting quite used to the timetable that exams force upon u now. Wake up, study, relax, eat, sleep,…. I guess will have great post-exams syndromes afterwards haha.
Hmm…don’t really know exacty what to do during the hols yet. Well it’s only 4 wks anyway. Now I wanna post a video here that I like a lot. It’s the multi-language version of the song ‘When you believe’ from ‘The prince of Egypt’ disney cartoon. It’s real nice. It is supposed to hav 28 languages in it. Enjoy. =)

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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