Blogging is painstaking and difficult!

I think I’m going crazy… ‘-_- I just spent more than 1 hr trying to give my blog a new skin. Good gosh. Exams period n I’m trying to revamp my blog. Such a nice time to do this..really. Not to mention that I’m having a headache after having stared at the monitor for so long. But things that I have learnt:-
Blogging is damn difficult.
Blogger help is useless.

I am definitely not a blogging nerd.

I took 1hr to search for cool blog skins. Found some. Then another 15 mins to search how to make my own blog skin. But renounced after seeing all the technical language. Took 30 mins to try a new blog skin. But damn it the very nice pics in the skin just won’t appear however I tweaked the html code. It was sposed to look like below with very nice flower designs by the side and on top:-

It looks quite nice, doesn’t it? But I just can’t get the design rite arghhsss.. *pulling hair out* I think I’m sposed to upload the pics in the design first, but I can’t figure how also. N blogger help is of no use. If anyone out there knows how, plz let me knw.

So in the end, I changed the design to this one which at least appears in its original view. I tweaked things here and there by comparing html codes… wat a job phew. I think it isn’t bad also but I don’t like the restricted space in which content is displayed. Waste of space on the sides. So when exams end and I have all the time in the world, I’ll surely change the skin again. If I really have the guts, I’ll better go do my own.

Oh btw, y I am blogging n doing all this stuff wen I said I won’t blog till end of exams….Cuz I wrongly looked at my timetable wen I said I end on the 6th. I actually on the 8th!! So now, I have 2 days till my next paper. So I’m ‘relaxing’ a bit lah. The first 2 papers were ok. NM2101 was a bit tough tho.

Anyway, this new blog skin, I’m sure Jer will like it hehe. I’ll go sleep n relax the whole nite now =) Jiayou everyone! It’s almost done =) n Hope u like my new blog design.

…~My duty lies with my heart~…


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