Death Note The film!

Went to watch Death Note at last yesterday at Plaza Singapura with Jer. ‘-_- The film is nice…the plot, the mystery has all been nicely scripted… But I hate the way the characters go!!! The ‘hero’ is a villain… duh. He kills his gf just for a stupid reason. How lame is that…. N I won’t spoil the 2nd movie for those who didn’t read the books, but he does very lame things in the 2nd movie also. So…verdict: Death Note has nice enigma codes wif lame characterizations. It’s quite a disturbing film also wen u think of it carefully. To YY n Song en, if u 2 happen to pass by my blog, apologies apologies. I knw u both liked the movie a lot. But still, thks Jer for the movie! ;P Oh n Song en, I still want to go see movie 2 wif u guys ah.


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