Everything is going superb, extraordinary high…except for my studies ‘-_-

Yes indeed, these days I am so very happy. Super tired ya. Irritated sometimes. Annoyed often. I have all the bad symptoms that studies can bring to a student. But I am happy. =) I love how I have someone to care about me everyday and how I how someone worthwhile to care about also. Three years ago, if my studies were going berseck, I would have no doubt go into such a state of panic and work harder and harder. Now, sure I am worried. (and frustrated with some of my teammates sometimes haiz) But somehow, I have come to value other things in life. N I guess my mum would b so happy hearing me say this now haha. But I know that many people who have known me back in my secondary skul years would be amazed at hearing me say this. Anyway, I stopped caring about what ppl say quite a while ago. What I aim now for is a good grade, no need excellence. As long as it’s good, it’s ok. But I want to be happy, happy as ever someone in love can.
My advice to anyone who passes by my blog would be: “Enjoy your life. Every minute of it. Even the harsh minutes while ur studying cuz the minutes will b soon over anyway. Enjoy your life and enjoy it with the one you love.” =)

Special dedication to ‘the owner of le pika’ hehe. =)


One thought on “Everything is going superb, extraordinary high…except for my studies ‘-_-

  1. correction: its le petit pika

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