Viva Vivocity!

Went Vivocity with Jeremy to watch Sinking of Japan today. Was simply great. =) It’s always nice going out like this. =) Actually we were out to see Death note. But the seats were all full for the timeslot we wanted. So we ended with Sinking of Japan in the very 1st row, which is damn painful for the neck. The film is not bad. First time I watch an entirely Jap movie. Usually I only watch anime in jap. The film lacks some elts but it’s quite ok. Some parts very sad. But well, at least the place was nice. Vivocity is quite hype. Very big with high class shops. Haha we were wondering when there’ll b a similar shopping centre in Mauritius.

Anyways, folk ICN pics are up on KE website! The pics are very clear and sophisticated. Very nice. Go have a look!

Self-reminder: Tmrw nite Scorpion King at 7.45pm


One thought on “Viva Vivocity!

  1. what a coincidence! huizhi and i were at vivocity that day too!

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