Slack…I want!

These days been sleeping very late. Work work work. Haiya. Well…haha I do spend a lot of time with Jeremy also before starting to work tho. But I say it’s definitely worth it and I won’t change that for the world. =) But I’m starting to freak out on the amount of work I have to catch up on for exams now. :S Urghs…Still got 2 more projects to go also. Anyway, even tho everyone seems to be working hard, everyone seems to be having fun also. So…I think this weekend I’ll definitely drag Jeremy somewhere nice to go have fun us also a bit lah. Now that no more hall activities at all, no more dance, no more wushu, have more free time. But then still sometimes I miss dancing and wushu.. I mean, tired of sitting still to study or do projects lah. Wanna move a bit. Zzzz…always so annoying the pre-exams period all the time. Oh well, that’s life. Jiayou to all muggers!


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