Performance for Community Event at Jurong East

At last it’s over. All performances over for this sem. Walao me n Jeremy were very shocked that the stage was so small when we reached there. The woman didn’t specify at all that it was this small. So then began a frantic reblocking for the whole item. N wat a reblocking! Got so many last minute changes that it was damn to b a mess. Well, it turned out not that messy. But still there were quite a few obvious mistakes in blocking especially haha. But that’s understandable. Fortunately we reached there early. Just wanna thanks everyone, Wushu n dance alike, for having taken time to perform for this event. It is a small event, but I’m sure we’ll get bigger perfs thru this later on. Thks to all the final years who still came, despite being super busy.

Now now, for the external perf. I made up my mind finally. No external perf next sem. I won’t do not bcuz I don’t want, cuz in fact I really do want to do it, but bcuz I don’t want to end up doing all the work myself. So basically bcuz I foresee a lack of manpower n support on all sides. So no use doing.

Very tired today. I’ll be off to sleep early…2.30am. haha yea early.


One thought on “Performance for Community Event at Jurong East

  1. haha.. well done to both of you. anw this is something that you need to remember, always check the size of stage beforehand. funny how that slipped out from my mind too.

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