Bored… A Friday nite, Since I have nothing to do, well nothing as in I don’t feel like doing anything, I thought y not post some nice pics on my blog. I realized I haven’t posted anything really positive and happy since I started posting again. Haha gives the impression that I’m some depressive someone n some ppl might get the wrong picture. So here goes =) Chronology of my pre-Singapore and Singapore days…

Oooo…Memories…Back during our times in Mauritius before coming to Singapore. We were so young and immature haha.

At the airport in Mauritius before departure of plane. I’ll remember this time forever.
Outings during my NTU days

Departure from NTU. Sniff Hall 1 my first home in Singapore

Xmas 05 outings

My Malaysia trip to Genting with my uncle. Yes indeed, it’s me into this thingy.
My entry into DansDemonz, hence KE7. First performance for XQRJ.

First Major dance perf. DU 2006. Hmm..that wasn’t so long ago now I think of it.

Our 1st birthday of being together =)

Our May Hols back in Mauritius. Dragonboat festival here with our School of Wushu.

This one everyone shld knw rite. Float 06/07 woohoo

N this is ard where I am now…

Hope this wasn’t too boring. Well…haha for me, the journey wasn’t boring tho.


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