External Perf…to do or not to do?

The question that has been running thru’ my head non-stop these last few days is whether to really go on with the external perf or not. So much so that it’s blocking out other thoughts… So I really need to sort it out once n for all. Decide whether to do it or not, n once a decision has been made, no looking back, no regrets. Just blindly go onto the chosen path.

Jeremy is afraid of the whole load of hard work, stress and pressure that it will put on us next sem. I am also afraid. Especially that I don’t like things to be done halfway, n that if decided upon, I will surely try to do it to the best I can. To the risk of losing myself in it I’m afraid. So the first thing I’ll have to do if we’re going ahead is to define the limits clearly. Now, I know what I want for DansDemonz. I know what I want to achieve. …But again…I guess, as Jeremy says, we cannot sacrifice our studies, and health, completely just for that. We will get self-satisfaction, but nothing that will ensure our future. Haiz… so you see the dilemma. What to do??? I guess here nobody can really help us. It’s really up to us to decide. And that’s the problem. I’m a very bad decision-maker…always hesititate so much before taking a decision.

… ‘-_- oh god..y am I bla bla so much… Stupid girl, u knw some way or another u’ll finish by doing it. So better face it and start to think of ways to accomodate it.

Enuf of thinking of external perf for today. Lost my whole day not doing any studying just cuz of that. But ppl, beware. DansDemonz & KE7 Wushu will not stop here! =)

P.S. I wanna thanks someone named Fen a whole lot for the support and encouragement. =) Thanks Fen. Oh and thanks to all the seniors, Song en, YY, huiz and Eunice who posted on my blog to encourage me. =) Without u all, nothing would have been possible. =)


One thought on “External Perf…to do or not to do?

  1. you’re most welcome Sharon! btw i created a webpage on WushuDance as i dunno how to use the DanzDemonz blog.
    the link is also in my blog’s sidebar. i made some corrections too. do check it out to see if it’s ok.

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