Post-ICN supper cum Video nite

Haiz…indeed we did finish by deciding to organize the post-icn supper for the dancers n Wushu ppl. It’s tonite at 9.30pm in KE lounge. I got PVC to come n display the video for us and AVA ppl to bring the projector n speakers. Yesterday, Jeremy and me went to Clementi to buy all the snacks and refreshments….took quite a long time to choose n all. But the worst is that after spending like 30mins to choose the best deals of ice-cream and flavours that the ppl will like, we went round to buy other stuffs and forgot to buy the ice-cream in the end!!! Arghsss

Now, today we just went to Georgie’s mart to buy the ice-cream. We again took quite a long time to choose, not bcuz there was a wide choice, but bcuz we were hesitating so much whether the ppl will like or not, n whether there is enuf variety. Also, we found the price very exp compared to what we would have got at Clementi, and we wanted to minimize the amt the seniors have to contribute as much as possible. At one point, we decided not to care and took the available ones themselves. We even went to the cashier, but then we started to have doubts and remorse again, n then Jeremy said he would go again to Clementi just to buy the ice-cream. Cuz the flavours and the price there are much better. He went alone so that 2 ppl don’t have to pay transport fares. Now now ppl, u better enjoy to the maximum the ice-cream ur going to eat tonite ha! N thank Jeremy for making the trip just to buy u sweet corn, choc mint, choc chips and chocolate ice-cream.


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