ICN over!!

ICN is over at last…15 mins of excitement onstage then over alrdy so fast… Indeed, quite a lot of ppl turned up to watch our show only. Hall master stayed till our item, something at which I am delighted, there was Dr.Seow n his family, and also most importantly, all the Wushu coaches came!! Waaa didn’t expect that. =) I guess our item was a success after all, seems like everyone enjoyed it very much. I also was so very excited and went to take photos with everyone….

But then, Jeremy told me that someone stole our food that culture comm kept for us. I was stunned. But wats worse is that when we went in dining hall to fill in our empty stomachs with the little that was left from culture comm, someone came and said: “Is that all the food that we have to eat? I might as well cook my own noodle.” ….I froze onspot in my eating. N I can tell u it really hurts. Immediately, all my happiness that the show was a success disappeared.

=( Everyone…dancers…I’m so sorry that I didn’t cater food for u after ICN. We simply shld have planned something for you. Even YY brought vodka and sprite… We didn’t bring anything. To all those who expected more for the post-ICN, I’m really terribly sorry…..But then me n jeremy we’re not super millionaire. U want us to pay supper for so many ppl.. like 60 ppl. I’m sorry but I am also a student. I don’t knw y but somehow I get the impression that some ppl think that me n Jeremy we are very rich. Now let me tell u. My dad died when I was 7 yrs old. N my mum been the only one working since then to feed 4 children…4 children damn it. N now I don’t want her to send me more money for my studies, even tho she says she can. Thats y I try my best to work hard to get scholarship so as to cater for my personal expenses during my 4 yrs here. Got it!!???? Stupid ppl. N I don’t see why me n jeremy have to pay supper for ppl who didn’t even take our ICN show seriously, whom we have had to run after to come for rehearsals damn it. Now u knw wat I really think, so don’t ask me!!!

… 😦 …but somehow i knw i’m so stupid that after cooling, i’ll most probably finish by asking jeremy that we do a little something for those dancers n wushu ppl. haiz….

Now how I wish I could drop my dance leadership next sem…pass on to someone else… I don’t want to be head anymore alrdy.

You put in all the efforts to create an item with all your heart n soul…Sure ppl will tell u congrats afterwards…u’ll get a lot of congrats slaps on the back afterwards… But then what. Everyone will forget abt u after anyway. You will have gained nothing that can last, except maybe for self-satisfaction if you managed to sustain that also. So what is it worth to put in all your heart in hall activities??? It’s useless. Jeremy is rite. Better concentrate on my studies n forget abt big dreams for hall.


6 thoughts on “ICN over!!

  1. who says we will forget you and what you have achieved? all the seniors are already so proud of both of you for being so daring to put up this combined dance and wushu item. something which no one has done before. now if that is not something, what is??

  2. Girl, It’s not only something that you have achieved for yourself, you have also made my dreams come true for giving me the opportunity to choreograph an item. It’s a breakthrough for me and many new dancers who perform on stage for the first time!
    nevermind about the supper, the passing comments, dont let these affect us, cos deep down we all know and appreciate what you have done and we love you, pretty- cute- gentle- lovable dance head! best one in my 4 years! =)


  3. actually it really boils down to yourself. when i did the wushu choreo for last year, it was really an achievement for me. much more than being in dean’s list (which is why i never bother to get in anyway). perhaps your situation is different. but i just want to share that what both of you have done is an achievement to me, regardless of what others think.

  4. hey gal, dun be affected by evil pple around you. no matter wat happens, you still have jeremy by your side. you also have other pple who will always support you, such as songen, huizhi, eunice, me and hanwei. so dun worry too much. yup now icn is over, do concentrate on your studies. and the combined performance is great. i am proud to be able to perform inside. thanks for giving me the opportunity. 🙂

  5. oops sorry, i miss out yiehui. haha paiseh.

  6. *huggles*
    You know your worth and you know what you’ve achieved. Be proud of it and stand strong. The lessons all of us learn from hall will never be learnable elsewhere..so treasure these moments ya? stay cheerful cutiepie!

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