THE day is almost here…finally

ICN is tomorrowwww. Omg I can’t believe it. At last we’ll b able to showcase to the whole Hall what KE7 Wushu & Dance can do! I still remember when me n Jeremy first thought of the idea of doing a combined item. Walao…seems so long ago.. I think it was even before we were confirmed captain and head. We were alrdy speculating on the idea, on the what-if haha. Then during our August hols, we started the real thing. Came out with the story, the music and started to think of the choreos. Lots of things have happened on the way till now for this perf to be where it is today. But whatever happens tmrw nite, I want to thank all those, esp seniors, who have supported us along the way.

Wushu side: The seniors, YY, Han wei, Fushan, Wuhong, Yenling, and Yiehui, Alumni, Song En, and Freshmen, Irene and Zhenghao.

Dance side: Sharon, Eunice, my dear choreos Huiz n Michelle, and Alumni, Fen

Thanks also to all the other seniors and to the freshmen who have had to bear with me throughout. My Special thanks to Colin, and Patrick for helping us out with the banner again, and to Siyang, my dance IC. Again…YY thanks loads for the encouragement you gave us both. Lastly, thank youu to all those who I may have missed.

Tmrw is our Nite, Dancers and Wushu Keviians. We’ll make it a nite to remember. Jiayouu…. KE7 Wushu & DansDemonz Always…


One thought on “THE day is almost here…finally

  1. hey!
    great show (albeit i missed half of it, but i watched the rehearsal so i’m sure it’s just as good)

    you guys were really brave in sticking to the idea of a combined perf..and it was a success (to me!) ..hope your enthusiasm and creativity and passion for dance and wushu will remain!

    hehe enjoy the post icn withdrawal tt will probably hit you both! =p

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