*Count your blessings*

Sometimes one will just get so pessimist about things that he/she might even think of doing very stupid things…. Sometimes we are blinded by clouds of confusion, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel…. In those times, our greatest wish is for the earth stop revolving right now or for the sky to fall on us. But this doesn’t have to be so.

In those times, when it is hardest to keep your sanity straight, count your blessings. Look at the bright or at least positive side of things, as yes everything has a positive side. You might not be able to find it straightaway but if you keep looking beneath the surface, you’ll soon find it. It is worth to take the time to search as the optimism you will gain thereafter will be great enough to enable you to surmount the difficulty.

Also, turn to people who you care most about and who you know care about you also in the deepest cave of their hearts. You might feel a pressing need to bury your head under the pillow whole night, but in the arms of someone who cares, you’ll feel the luckiest of all people.

Lastly, if only I myself could follow all my good advices by the book…. But still, thanks dear Jeremy… Thanks a million for everything.


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