Some of my innermost fouts b4 really going to study

Just wanted to post some of the things that passed to my head.

Went browsing thru’ some of my old primary school and past dance mates’ blogs. Then, viewing all the fotos n all, I started to wonder…How will it b like when I go back to Mauritius 5 yrs down the road? Surely loads of things wld have changed. Some of my old frens cld have alrdy gotten married even. How life changes fast.. Then I started to think about my dance school back in Mauritius. Now the small ones whom I saw as kids when I was there, barely 12 or 14 yrs old, are not the 17 yr olds, the biggest of the grp alrdy, apart from the few that still remain from my batch. Can’t believe I saw those girls grow up. Among whom is my very own little sis. N now I’m also starting to realize that I won’t b able to see my 2 sis, whom I have watched, even though unconsciously, grow up since babies. I won’t b able to see them in their very ripe years of adolescence…. So sad.. Yes I wanted to leave Mauritius. But now the bad side of it all is starting to catch up with me…. It’s really wen ur bored that u start to miss home. …U start to do all kinds of stuffs which lead u to think of all kind of stuffs, sometimes even non-sensical stuffs. One last realization that struck me…not that it’s the first time that it strikes me. Whatever u do, absolutely whatever u do, the earth will continue to spin on its axis n things will always continue and evolve. Nothing u do will ever b able to stop other people from continuing to live, even if u do the craziest of craziest stuffs…. …Enuf of philosophy for the day. Off to study now.


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