ICN Dry-run

The turnout for the dry run today was not that bad. Better than last general practice definitely. Though still many people missing on wushu side. Haiz…y everytime also the practices I feel so desperate. Sure, the show is getting better n better with each practice. ‘Cept that we need mannny more practices. But don’t ask me how I am going to make the ppl come down. That’s it. Cannot make them come down. So let it be this way. But the feeling I get is that somehow some ppl really have started to..not like me very much becuz of this ICN thing. Not that I care very much anyway. But it pains to realize that ur doing all this to put a good show and then people looking at you in ways that say ‘who do you think you are’. I guess its like that for everyone who has to lead a team though. N now, I’m thinking if I should go to take charge of the external perf next AY if ever we do go on with the project. Sharon said I could be the programme coordinator apart from the next dance head. And just yesterday I was thinking ya should be ok. But not, I’m seriously thinking of opting out of this. But then things are not that simple. I do want the external perf for dansdemonz cuz ya, its the only way for the group to progress. But I don’t want to be the one in charge. Not me. But who will take charge if I don’t? I could look for a freshie, but then working with wushu wldn’t b that simple. Omg…stop stop. I do tend to think too much sometimes. I better go off.


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