Wushu training

Wushu training was nice today. Good to extend my muscles a bit after quite some time without ‘proper’ exercise. Hehe at least ICN wushu side is coming out nicely after all. I love the fighting parts. Taichi n juniors’ wushu parts not bad either. Ok at least got progress lah. Dance side…after yesterday’s practice, it ‘seems’ like got a bit of progress. But will have to see again. Haiz…so relieved to see that things are at last improving. But anyway have to. ICN next week alrdy. Only 1 week left. Jiayouuuu. But anyway, I have no doubt that we’ll the best of ICN this year. =) Not that the other culture groups are not good lah. But we’ll steal the show, I can promise hehe. Just hope that everything will flow smoothly. ‘-_- then can’t think of the post-ICN. Will have to reallyyy start studying seriously. So behind…arghs. On studies..and on sleep haha. Well nyway….haiya alrdy starting to feel blogging to be boring. Wonder how ppl can maintain everyday posts on blogs.


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