Some ppl are so annoying

I deleted accidentally my very first 2006 post ‘I am back!’ yesterday. So sad…Anyway I won’t go abt saying everything that I wrote in it again. One of my project mates today sent a mail to the group saying that she ‘hates’ me becuz I ‘always give her more work’. Walao…n she added bcuz I’m a deans-lister .’-_- Well, u knw wat, ur the one who wants to get A more than all of us, n u said it explicitly too. N if u don’t damn work, then just see if u’ll get ur A! It’s not like I’m giving her so overwhelming work. Just asked her to correct some minors stuffs in the slides… n if she doesn’t want to do it, can always nicely ask me to do it n send me the picture so that I can modify it myself lor. I do hope she said this as a joke…else… damn it u’ll go straight to the list of annoying ppl.


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