Oh…’I am back’ reposted

Haha, I just recovered the post. Dunno how it just reappeared wen I republished the blog. So weird n un-user-friendly this blogger.com. Anyway, since I got it back, I’m reposting the post.

I am back!

Wohoo! I am back to blogging after so long. Haha one year past. Many things have happened since, but I shall not dwell on the past. Let’s see, y did I suddenly went to all the trouble to look up my long-forgotten blog, which I didn’t even remember the username or password, is bcuz I was browsing thru some of my frens’ blogs n thought I shld have one too where I cld say to everyone what I don’t dare to say. In fact, been wanting to for quite some time, but never really cared to go that step further. Well let’s see if now I have the patience to keep this blog updated.

N now I’m again feeling that I’m wasting my time. There’s my reading open in front of me, screaming that I’m so way behind in my work n revision ‘-_-. N wat am I doing?? Blogging. Duh.

Had a discussion with Jeremy on ICN earlier. It gave me the strength to have new hopes for KE Wushu n Dance again. I lost hope of achieving big things for DansDemonz quite some time ago, when nothin was going rite. Well…not that there rn’t probs now. But I promise I’ll try my best to show JCRC that we’re improving n that we r worth of getting funds like XQRJ! I knw I’ll probably go n die lah, my studies will suffer, but I will still go ahead. At least I’ll try. Haha but I’m still aiming to keep my dean’s list standard this year. No way I’m letting go of that either. My mum n ppl rightly said I guess: I’m stubborn haha. Ok yes YY n perfectionist too I guess…


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